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T4mpat Self Storage is Bali's leading self storage facility establised in 2017, We have created an unrivalled range of unit sizes which are safe, secure, reliable and dry. We offer full range of self storage units to fit the contents of a room to an entire house, We have micro lockers, mini lockers, jumbo lockers, travelers lockers, surfers sheds, luggage storage, baggage storage, locker storage units, surfboard storage, motorcycle storage, We have a wide selection of super mini storage units, mini storage units, small storage units, standard storage units, medium and super sized storage units, whether you're looking for self storage for short or long term, we have the solution for you. Self storage made easy to store your belongings. Specialising in commercial & personal storage needs; from a surfboard to a billiard table. Visit Bali regularly don’t want the hassle of bringing your personals back & forth - store it. Renting your house or villa, need somewhere to put your personal items - store it. Shipping storage, excess shop stock, files & paperwork, don’t clutter your space - store it. Safe fully secured storage, with 24 hour security, Recorded CCTV camera surveillance. Leave your goods in Bali's safest storage units, easy to access, dry, clean, secure reliable.

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